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Message from the President

We will aim for a new image of a trading company
which responds to diversified and sophisticated needs
with a thorough customer orientation.

We will provide new value to our customers while coordinating all of our strengths.
By making the best use of the know-how and network cultivated over 30 years in the trading industry, not only OEM manufacturing but also new product development, manufacturing and sales.
We pursue the essence of the value of "what the customer is looking for", instead of giving up because it cannot be done, We would like to develop the ability to think through what can be done.
In our import and export operations, we deliver products to domestic and overseas customers with the motto of "faster" and "more reliable" in compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, under the belief of "always improving", We aim to improve the efficiency and optimization of operations and logistics from the viewpoint of the site so that we can supply parts to overseas production bases in a timely manner.
It is indispensable to have a high degree of expertise in trade practice, respond to various risks peculiar to overseas logistics, and create a wide network with domestic and overseas stakeholders.
We are working every day not only for import / export agency business, but also for the construction and sophistication of global logistics.
In the future, it will be necessary to meet the ever-diversifying and sophisticated needs.
We would like to develop our business beyond the framework of trading company business and aim for a new image of a trading company that can continue to provide reliable quality with high reliability and safety to the world.

signatureKoich Okamoto

About us

Company name
JAC Corporation
Koichi Okamoto
April in 1987
Uehonmachi Hi-Hi Town 1503 No.3-31 6-Chome
Uehonmachi Tennoji-ku Osaka, 543-0001, JAPAN
+81 - 6 - 6771 - 2681
+81- 6 - 6771 - 2802
5 million JPY
Hardware for industrial and housing field, any cylinders, locks We strongly support trading and quality management of customer OEM/ODM demand for export and import
Famous Japan hardware company ODM products
Made in Japan material, Second-hand machine, parts, screws
Nearest Station
Kintetsu-nara Line “Osaka-Uehonmachi”

Company history

Kozo Okamoto founded JAC Corporation, as a trade company in Osaka
We started to import OEM products from China.
Magnet, Sashlock case
We got an antique dealer license.
We started to import OEM products of Aluminum die-casting products from Guangdong China.
We started to import the steel and stainless chain from Taiwan.
We started to import OEM products of Zinc-alloy die-casting products from Guangdong China.
We hired a new person and we started to develope the handle lock for automatic vending machine of OEM products.
JAC Corporation became a joint stock corporation.
Koichi Okamoto bacame the president.
We hired a Chinese staff.
We started to import OEM products of the architectual hardware.
We hired a new Japanese staff.
Our annual sales became 540 milion JPY over.